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WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack

Beat the Heat and Discomfort Anytime Anywhere!

Key features

no pre-chill needed

No Pre-Chill Needed

WildZERO® Instant Cold Packs do not require pre-chill for first use. You can activate this cold pack anytime anywhere when needed without the hassle of pre-chilling.

squeeze to activate

On Demand Activation

Squeeze or punch the WildZERO® Instant Cold Pack to activate it. Shake well to ensure even coldness and best results. This is a cold pack on demand, just a squeeze away!

heat relief

Instant Heat Relief

WildZERO® provides you with immediate relief from the heat. Perfect for hot and humid environment to reduce heat irritations.

pain relief

Instant Pain Relief

WildZERO® can be used as cold compress for various emergency conditions and minor injuries. Instant pain relief for muscle sprain, spasm, bruises, nerve pain, headaches, fever, etc.

easy to carry

Easy to Carry

WildZERO® is dry and compact in size. You can conveniently carry it along for various outdoor activities like workouts, ball games, camping, backpacking, contact sports and road trips.


Reusable as Ice Pack / Cold Pack

The Instant Cold Pack is reusable as normal ice pack/ cold pack after the first use. An environmentally friendly product for our future generation.

Use Cases

Heat Relief

Heat Relief for Hot and Humid Environment

  • Squeeze WildZERO® in your hand
  • Squeeze a few times for maximum coolness
  • Apply onto the desired areas
  • Suitable for ALL indoor & outdoor activities
  • For external use only

Discomfort Relief for Active Outdoor Activities

  • WildZERO® is compact and easy to bring along for any outdoor activities
  • Perfect for strenuous activities like workouts, ball games, and contact sports to lessen the discomfort and swelling
  • Apply onto the desired areas for cold compress therapy
  • Instant relief for muscle sprain, spasm, bruises, nerve pain, stings
  • 10 - 20 minutes for each session
  • For external use only
travel use

Emergency First Aid for Travellers

  • WildZERO® does not require pre-chilling and is easy to carry
  • Perfect for travellings, campings, backpackings, or road trips, especially with children
  • On demand activation and apply onto the desired areas for emergencies
  • Wrap the cold pack in a small towel or cloth before applying to the affected area
  • Instant relief for unexpected fever, toothaches, injuries, bumps, and bruises
  • For external use only

What our customers say about us

  • Great product for runners in managing heat exhaustion and cramps! 👍
    Michael Yong
  • This made in Singapore product is amazing and so easy to use. Been using it for aches and pains and run recovery on sore muscles and it’s superb! Give it a try you won’t regret it. Can see a multitude of uses for this product and best part about it is, you would be supporting a local enterprise!
    Jonathan Ng
  • Quick delivery, good quality and Very handy & cooling, I love it !
  • It’s a wonderful product which provides instant cooling effects! I love it ! Highly recommended!
  • Ordered and received within 3 days, very fast and efficient service! Product is exactly as advertised, and very useful especially for the extreme hot weather these days. Will order again.
    Brian C

Retail Points:


1. Pelen Pte Ltd 
Address: 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, NorthStar @ AMK, #08-31 Singapore 569880

2. Hot Spot Café 
Address: 175 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189649


WuZhuangYuan Sports Academy (002965620-H)
Address : D-11-3A Menara Suecap 1 KL Gateway , Jalan Kerinchi 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Person-In-Charge: Mr David Oh / Mrs Eva Koh
Phone: +60163303693 / +60162270710

United States

Plano Ice
Address: 621 , 18TH Street, Plano , Texas 75074 , U.S.A.
Person-In-Charge: Mr Anil Asher
Phone: + 01717746 8423


Golden Forest Environmental Technology (Tianjin) Co. Ltd

Person-In-Charge: Mr Shaun Ong
Phone: +8618222897406

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WildZERO safe for use?

WildZERO Instant Cold Pack is safe to be used. All the ingredients are non-toxic and are free from heavy metals. The pouches are designed to be leak-proof and durable.

What are the uses for WildZERO?

WildZERO is created to provide instant comfort in our hot and humid climate. The product can also be used for cold compress for instant pain relief and reduce inflammation. It helps to relieve pain for you head, wrist, hand, ankle and foot. It provides comfort against bruises, swelling, nerve pain, headaches, muscle sprain, or fever.

Is WildZERO reusable?

Yes, WildZERO is reusable. After the first on-demand activation, WildZERO can be re-use by placing them in a fridge and used as a regular chill pack, or placed in the Freezer as an Ice Pack.

Will the printing be easily rubbed off?

No, the printing on WildZERO will not be rubbed off. It is resistant to water and alcohol.
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