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Cold Down After An Exercise – the WildZERO Way

wildzero instant cold pack
At the end of an exercise, do not sit immediately and rest. It is ideal to do a 5 to 10 minutes of easy jogging or slow pace walking. Cool downs are crucial after exercising to gradually bring your heartrate down and start the recovery process.

When your body produces too much heat, some extreme conditions include heat stroke or heat exhaustion can occur.

We can cool down by drinking lots of water or having an ice cream, wearing light, or hiding in an aircon room, etc.

What if you are outdoor and the heat is burning? How can you keep cool in the hot weather ? To help you survive in the scorching climate, we have a solution!

Do you know there is another way to bring your temperature down safely?

Beat the heat with WildZERO, an instant cold pack which provides immediate relief from the heat.

It is a dry pack and doesn’t need to be chilled on first activation. Carry WildZERO everywhere you go and activate it whenever needed. It’s squeeze on-demand. After its first activation, do not discard. Wash and place WildZERO in the chiller or freezer. Reuse it as a normal pre-chilled pack or as an ice pack.

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